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... Oligar, I just ran the command you gave me, and this is what I got: nmap ( open FTP ( open SSH ( open Telnet Osmodivs: Please don't flood; use to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation. ( open ICMP Osmodivs: be careful. Whoa. Osmodivs, use paste Osmodivs: nmap is a tool used to test network configurations Osmodivs: it will not affect your computer in any way. Oligar, No, it did not say anything about any virus. I am sry, I am so used to pastebin, I am using this one all the time. But pastebin requires an active connection. Osmodivs: what did it say? Ok, nmap said that the port is open, and told me the info I needed, the IP, the port, and the service, but it says that it has found open ports that are not listed on that website, but that is not the problem, I do not know how to fix this problem, so I need the correct answers. I believe my DNS server is lagging, I'll be back soon, Osmodivs: i think you are missing a few things in your question. Osmodivs: use a pastebin to show us the commands you




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Nfsmostwantedmoviefolderfreedownload elmdal
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