Medpej was founded in 1999 by the brothers and partners Mr. Wagner Rocha and Mr. Valmir Rocha, the company began its journey with bold technical and strategic initiatives in order to conquer its space in the national market. One of the strategies adopted was to start its activities in the 6th Edition of the Hospital Fair, where its first contacts with customers, distributors and suppliers were achieved.

Through hard work, honesty, reliability and the quality of its products, the company has shown significant growth. With more than 30 items in its portfolio, Medpej has been serving its customers and also conquering its space in the international market.

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We manufacture equipment for the area of ​​Gynecology and Obstetrics, but we also have a variety of products that cater to other specialties, such as Dermatology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology and even Veterinary.

We currently manufacture several models of:

  • Colposcopes;

  • Videocolposcopes;

  • Negatoscopes;

  • Fetal detectors;

  • Cardiotocographs;

  • Electric Chairs for various specialties;

  • Clinical Spotlights;

  • Auxiliary and Surgical Spotlights;

  • Autoclaves;

  • Auxiliary tables.


Our technology is cutting edge, we use the latest resources on the market, ensuring efficiency and an unparalleled experience.

We never stop. It is our duty to keep up to date on the news that science and technology offers us, and we are always alert to, as a result, offer the best.

Our specialty is to produce and manufacture in the best possible way. Our products have great designs and effectiveness.

Currently, the company has a high number of suppliers and representatives, we dedicate ourselves lovingly to these relationships and always maintain a good business character.

Medpej is at a high level of ranking in terms of sales, quality and market positioning.

Our products have certificates of guarantee of our services and quality in relation to health and also to the environment, such as GMP, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


Develop, produce and market high quality products, contribute to improving the quality of life for our consumers and preserve the environment.


To be recognized as an industry in the medical-hospital segment that seeks innovation and quality of its products, business processes and people management.


Respect; Quality; Transparency; Value generation; Improvement continues.


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Benefits and Rewards

In a structured and systematic way, Medpej has achieved excellent results through a set of factors such as: leadership involvement, commitment and constant development of employees; commitment from suppliers, partners and others involved in the business process; the search for new technologies and the development of new projects.

We always place customer expectations at the center of our operations, and this has contributed to our success, which is measured through customer satisfaction when using our products and services.